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A Quick Thought: Child Geniuses June 21, 2009

Posted by grayfawks in miscellaneous.


As the title suggest, my quick thought for today is Child Geniuses.

I was watching the news this afternoon when a section came on about child geniuses. This piqued my interest substantially seeing as I wanted to see and find out about how these children became the geniuses of today. As I watched a slight feeling of disgust came over me as I realised the parents were the ones pushing their children from such a young age to excel at a high level. To point out the true disgust caused, A kid at the age of 4 was playing tennis like a pro. Why was this? It was because her father had pushed her at a young age to play tennis. One of the first things she saw when she was born was a tennis ball. As soon as she could walk she was put on the tennis court and trained. This brought forward the though, is it wrong to treat kids this way? Should we force them to become better and greater than ourselves or should we allow them to just be kids? Is this truly healthy for them, and will it cause issues further down the line for these kids? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.



1. Tony - August 23, 2009

I am a massive dickhead, just thought I’d let you know.

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