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Kicking to Victory June 25, 2009

Posted by Rainiac in let's play updates, miscellaneous.

At long last, the Kick Master LP I’ve been doing is complete. The final video in the series can be found here, and those who would like to relive the LP as a whole can find the appropriate links in the subpage for this LP, found here

So what’s next for me now then. Well, as usual, I have to put real-life issues first I’m afraid. I graduate from University on the 2nd of July, and due to not being able to stay overnight in a hotel beforehand, I’ll most likely be out of it til at least the weekend. That doesn’t mean I won’t be active though, just that I won’t be starting a new LP for a week or two. I have a couple of possible games picked out for my next LP, but the problem is that I can’t decide between them. I’ll be making a test video of each game and see what the other Non-Losers think before reaching my decision. Whichever game is picked, I’ll try and update it more regularly than I did with Kick Master.

As for non-LP projects, I’m currently searching for another film to review, even though Blues Brothers 2000 was met by a lukewarm response, and if another subject I feel the need to rant about comes along, you can bet there’ll be a shiny new blog post of me venting my spleen about it.

Thanks to all those who watched and enjoyed the Kick Master LP, and all being well I’ll have some more videos coming out for you people in the near future…



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