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about the non-losers

Welcome to the Blog For Non-Losers. This is a blog dedicated to a group of Let’s Players that got together in late 2008 to help each other grow as LPers and talk about anything and everything. A few members have joined us since then, but the line up has been almost exactly the same since the start. Not everyone currently LPs, but we all have had our hands in the production of an LP at some point.

Let’s Playing involves gaming and commentary. It can be seen in many forms: screenshot LPs in which images are added to by text or video LPs with audio commentary or subtitles. Everyone has their own philosophy on what makes a good LP, but the Non-Losers care about improving their own work and helping each other.

Current Members:

FreezingInferno has been making Let’s Plays for longer than most of the other Non-Losers and started on Google video. He primarily works with post commentary and loves to do Game Boy games. He has an alter ego named The Duke who occasionally pops by.

Grayfawks is the only Aussie in the group. His past videos include games from many different systems. He also has done rom hack (i.e. rome chop) reviews in his spare time. One of the things he has to deal with that the other members don’t is capped internet. Poor Fawks.

King of Solomon has one LP under his belt: a ten minute epic opus of Altered Beast. What he lacks in LP videos he makes up for in his critique and game knowledge. Also we all just want him to make more LPs. Do it already.

L0rdVega is the lurker of the group. He won’t say much unless asked. His Let’s Plays don’t give this away though, as he’s got a lot to say and he says it with humor. Vega plays a variety of games and has a lot of LPs completed.

Lyrax is technically one of the newer LPers in the group, but he’s been a fan of LPing for a long time, mostly on the Let’s Play subforum of Something Awful. He has a very honed technique because of this. Lyrax’s first LP is completed.

Not Dave, the one who conceptualized this site and put in most of the work, has an eye for black humor and it shows in his LPs. Currently he’s been on a sort of hiatus, but his past LPs are not to be missed for their humor and his game choices. He does stream quite often.

OmegaZultan (said zul-TAN, not like Sultan) is probably more concerned with changing up his LP style in order to improve. He’s been attempting different things like live commentary, post, co-commentators, different video hosts, and more. Oz is also a big fan of comedy in his LPs and never fails to deliver.

PaleVoyager is not pale, nor does he go anywhere. He does LP though, and is one of the few on the site that does live commentary. His Let’s Plays are mostly humor based, though you’d be stupid not to see nuggets of insightful wisdom in them. Don’t be stupid.

Rainiac, unfortunately, lost all of his old videos in a golfing accident. However, the only Brit here has been working steadily in a new style, using post commentary and multiple (and I mean multiple) takes of harder old games. He likes editing too, and favors a quick cut away for humor.

RizuKomesu is, again, one of our newer members, with only one LP under her belt. She shows great care in her videos already, despite being new. Again, Rizu is more concerned with quality than quantity and it shows.

HOLY CRAP, IT’S SOAPYNOME. Watch out, he’s poisonous. Actually, he’s kind of silly, kind of serious, and all nice guy. He likes to switch it up with guest commentary, post and live commentary, and many alternate universes where ducks are ninjas.

ssskinner is one of those diamonds in the rough, female or otherwise. She puts a lot of meticulous time and effort into her Let’s Plays. Her style is focused more on the informative side of LPing, but her natural sense of humor blends well into it. The fact that the games she chooses are often sadistic and cruel by nature only add to the appeal.

uznare is a starving Mexican kid who speaks English occasionally, likes Rock Band a lot, and is REALLY lazy when it comes to making his LPs. When he does though, he alternates between trying to complete screen shot LPs and trying to complete video LPs. He knows a lot about games and is a true neeeeerrrrrrrrd but we love him.


1. CFBalla - March 18, 2009

This is gonna be epic, guys. Just awesome =D

2. gbitalic - March 19, 2009

better than the power rangers

3. Psychatrog - March 19, 2009

Hey folks. If you need someone to shout about basketballs and maybe shout on podcasts, lemme know. (I also perform other functions!)

This looks like it could be pretty cool. You seem like the kind of people who can make this happen well – it’s something that stays active and whatnot only if everyone keeps contributing, but god knows you guys are one group that doesn’t shut up :D

4. Hayden - March 20, 2009

This looks awesome.I like LPs,and l also like Rainiac666.He always knows how to make his veiwers laugh.I hope your reading this.I wish I could subcribe to you, but I don’t have an account:).

5. UlfsStein - March 23, 2009

Hey, this looks great. It feels like a supreme organization of badass. I do wonder, however, if it is possible to join in on the badassness of this epic group.

6. Simular Mine - April 7, 2009

So THATS where everyone went.

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