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Insulting music – why you shouldn’t do it. Seriously. June 6, 2009

Posted by SoapyNome in art, miscellaneous.

So, the other day, a friend asked me, “What kind of music do you like”? And I was all like “OH FUCK YEAH I LIKE ROCK HURRR”. But then I realized something-I listen to things other than rock. Hell, you should see me when I listen to “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay, I fucking get into that shit. Seriously.

But anyway, this got me thinking. What makes someone like certain music? Take myself-I listen to disturbed one second, then Opeth, then Kamelot, (which are all in the same general genre, though different in their own respects), but I also listen to stuff like Eiffel 65, Weird Al Yankovic, Journey, Coldplay, Michael Jackson, hell, even some Kenny Chesney. Fuck damn it, I listen to about every genre imaginable!

Now, where am I going with this? Well, certain people like certain music, am I right? Of course. Now, I started thinking, and thinking, and I realized what caused one of my ticks: When people insult others’ music.

Every note in a song is thought out. Every lyric is written with meaning. Every measure is worth 10,000,000 words, every drum solo that sounds like random wailing on the drums has actually been thought out and perfected, every cymbal hit, every guitar string hit, every lyric said, every death growl sung-is music. No matter what genre, no matter what sound, it’s music. Hours, days, weeks, months have been put into that song, a tremendous effort to put together something that sounds beautiful to the creator. To insult something that someone has worked so hard on is just flat-out moronic.

So, don’t go fucking insulting music. “HURR COUNTRY SUCKS, ROCK IS BETTER HURR” doesn’t make you sound smart. So, lesson learned? Effort was put into every song you hear. So think fucking twice about insulting it.


Clocktower 3 Comic April 8, 2009

Posted by Not Dave in art, bonus content.

So I had every intention of doing some comics, ya know, random non-loser comics, some fan stuff for LPs. I even downloaded Open Canvas for said drawing. Holy hell, I hate Open Canvas for sketching. Perhaps flash just spoiled me with its autosmoothing. I’ll give Open Canvas one thing though, I enjoy painting in it.

It's a landscape :D

It's a landscape :D

Oh, right, real comic, about Samm’s Clock Tower 3 Blind LP, after the page break. Make sure you’ve seen episode 7 before hand.