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Rainiac’s Top 20 Games of All Time July 15, 2009

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I recently read FI’s list of his top 20 games of all time, and put simply, it got me thinking. And since he invited his fellow non-Losers to follow his example, I figured I’d be the first to take him up on that offer and post my own top 20 list. As with Frezno’s, this list is in no real order of preference, and also like Frezno’s, I’ll only be listing one game per franchise. I confess that I haven’t played as many video games as I perhaps should have, and if you add to that the fact that the last console I bought was a Nintendo GameCube, you can probably figure out for yourself that I’m not going to list many more recent titles. I must point out that this is just my personal opinion and there were other titles that narrowly didn’t make the cut, so if for some reason you have a problem with my list feel free to air that grievance in the comments. Just keep things civil, that’s all I ask. And now, without further ado, click the link below and let’s get ready to rumble…



Frezno’s Top 20 Games Of All Time July 12, 2009

Posted by Frezno in gaming blogs, rants.
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Oh holy crap, now what am I up to? Well, thanks to my academic researchings on the Intertubes, I have been inspired to do a countdown of my personal top 20 games of all time. I figure, hey, my opinions probably interest the five people that read this. Probably maybe. It was kind of tricky to get 20 games, thanks to my stipulations. Y’see, I’m a big JRPG nut and could just put five Final Fantasies, four Dragon Quests, the Mother trilogy, and other franchises on there and call it a list. But that shit would be boring, ne? So, I limited myself to one game per franchise I love. Also, the ranking may be numbered, but it doesn’t mean I love one thing more than another. It’s completely arbitrary and just for kicks. One last thing before we start; I freely invite any Non-Loser reading this to make their own Top list. Can be a Top 10, a Top 15, a Top 20. Whatever you want. Let’s participate and make this a group project, hey? Since this list will likely be long as hell, you can click that little button to see the thing in full. Go on, you know you wanna. Push it. Yeah.

Fish out your credit cards and be prepared to spend money on XBLA, Raskulls is coming. June 13, 2009

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135920-raskulls copy

If the title didn’t spell out exactly what you should do, then allow me to do it for you. Raskulls, a game I’ve been farely interested about has finally gained a gameplay trailer. I can tell you, nothing seems more fun that cute little skull people racing to a finish line through puzzles while beating each other up. I don’t know about you guys but I know I’ll be spending money out of my pocket for this little gem. Check out the trailer and tell me what you guys think. Worth spending money on? This Non-Loser says yes.

Rainiac Rants: Nintendo’s E3 Conference & the State of Gamers Today June 2, 2009

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So early this morning (5 o clock this afternoon for any fellow Brits reading this blog post), Nintendo gave their annual E3 press conference. I was watching the event live while chatting on Skype to several of the other Non-Losers. There were highs and lows, as is the case with any gaming conferences, but the highs were pretty damn good. Nintendo revealed New Super Mario Bros Wii (a FOUR PLAYER Mario platformer), Super Mario Galaxy 2, Golden Sun DS (the revealing of which took EVERYBODY by surprise) and perhaps the piece de resistance, Metroid Other M, an apparent prequel to Metroid Prime that will delve deeper into Samus’ backstory and doesn’t appear to be an FPS this time. I’m sure most of you would agree that in itself was an amazing haul (OZ certainly would: the sheer appearance of Metroid Other M was enough to make him literally wet himself). Add in footage of Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, The Conduit and Resident Evil Dark Chronicles and needless to say it was very entertaining to watch, and very encouraging for the future. However, there was one thing that was incredibly annoying and disconcerting, and that was the general reaction of the fans in the live chat as the conference was actually going on. While everyone in the Skype chat was pretty damn excited, the so-called gaming fans couldn’t give a shit. They were all lambasting Nintendo, saying it was even worse than last year’s showing (which I’ll freely admit wasn’t that great). At first I put it down to Sony and Microsoft fanboys turning up just to start trouble, but I later realised that it was more than that. It might sound like a massive overreaction, but the main reason why the conference got that reaction is simple: today’s gamers are spoilt.

What exactly do I mean by that? Cast your mind back to the early to mid 90s, around the time I and presumably most of the other non-Losers first got into video games. Back then games were a hell of a lot simpler than they are now. The graphics weren’t nearly as fancy, and the gameplay was much more basic in many respects. Most titles on the ‘2nd gen’ of home consoles (Genesis, SNES) were in 2D (with a few exceptions), but the gameplay was compelling, addictive, and in some cases groundbreaking. Inevitably video games moved into 3D with the introduction of the Playstation, N64 and Dreamcast, but while graphics were improved it was still about the gameplay first and foremost. That’s why titles like Super Mario World, Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Banjo-Kazooie still appeal today: because the basic gameplay is solid as a rock, and as a result they’re still very enjoyable.

Fast forward to 2002. Enter the PS2, XBox and Gamecube. Exit heavy emphasis on gameplay coming first…

OK, so that may be a little harsh, but once home consoles moved on from the N64 and PSOne, graphics within games were markedly improved, and conversely games which had great graphics but mediocre at best gameplay began to emerge (no need to offer any examples here, I’m sure we’ve all played at least one of them). And then it hit me that this is where the problem I spotted again during the conference first sprang up. The vast majority of people who play games today are teenagers, in other words, people first came into video games at a time where style (graphics) became superior to substance (gameplay).

The proof for this argument? Today’s generation of home consoles, that is, the PS3, the 360, and the Wii. While 360 and PS3 have produced some great titles I can’t shake the feeling that for these 2 consoles it’s more about looking good than playing good. The Wii is by no means perfect, but at least they’ve made attempts to be innovative and look like they’ll continue to do so. Perhaps that explains the fairly negative reactions for the Wii in comparison to its rivals: Wii appeals more to gamers who grew up around the same time as me as well as families, while XBox 360 and PS3 appeal more to those who came across gaming later.

So perhaps I shouldn’t be angry at the people who mocked Nintendo during today’s conference. Perhaps they couldn’t help it because they don’t know any better…

(IMPORTANT NOTE: The following rant was only my own personal opinion. I have no intention to cause offense and if you feel I managed to offend you, that was not my plan and I apologise in advance. Also, if this rant is well-enough received, I may turn this into a semi-regular feature on this blog, so your feedback would be appreciated. Toodles)

Finished LP And Future Plans May 19, 2009

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After 15 episodes of fun and other 10 episodes of pain, I finally reach the end of  King Master of Spirits 2 Go watch it if you haven’t yet!

Now this being my first post in the blog I guess I should explain a little. I’m Ranchei, the other finish non-loser who’s known for his randomness. I started let’s plays over a year ago and have done quite a few. Some not as good as others. I personally think I’m medium quality and Let’s Play for the fun of it and the games I LP.

But on to the point and that is my future plans. My Next LP will be of a PSX game called Tomba 2 (Tombi in Europe). A childhood game of mine I never finished completely until I found the thing called FAQ. I know the game inside-out and have a great plan for it.

The plan is simple and at the same time might make the game a little harder for me. The game has a ton of side-quest’s so I decided to do it like this:

First I run trought the main story, ignoring EVERY side-quest in any way possible. I will miss Lot’s of useful stuff but that’s fine. After the story is done and I return to the first area I focus on side-quest’s on the second runtrough of the worlds. Afterwards, I will focus on the un-finished questes that reguire you to run araund the world and the bosses wich you actually can fight in any order as long as you know where they are hiding.

Simply said: Story, Side-questes, Finishing up, Bosses, The end

Now I realised that people liked my Medievil LP a lot and I think it’s cause I had played the game a lot so I hope Tomba 2 will be as big of a sucsess.

Super Smash Bros Brawl! April 8, 2009

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Recently, some of us have been getting together online to play Brawl a bit. Vega and Pale are pretty serious about their skills and I decided to record some battles they were playing, but then I decided to get together some battles with everyone. I’ve uploaded a few of them on to the Non Loser’s Channel, and I still have a few more, plus I have one on my own that Lyrax and I annotated like crazy people since we’re a little more light hearted about our playing.

Anyway, have some links!

Lyrax and Samm duke it out as Sonics on Sonic’s stage with all items on high. Turn on annotations for this one. INCLUDING HAMMER BATTLE!

Pale and Vega in one of their slower matches play their usual heavies (Fox and Ganondorf). It’s not one of their better matches, since they had no warm up time, but I’m sure I’ll get a better one soon. It’s still heart thumping!

Lyrax as Pikachu, Samm as Sheik, and NotDave as Ike. Samm and NotDave do some brawlin’ while Lyrax destroys Luigi’s Mansion over and over. Also laser juggling. (Also this is corrected cuz Vega was like “you suck, it wasn’t me.”)

Pale as Snake, Vega as Bowser, NotDave as Luigi, and Solomon as Pit. This is one of those battles that cracked me up as Vega, who has no idea how to control Bowser, died forever. Solomon knows Pit so well. It’s hard to compete there!

Games That Get You Laid: Dark Cloud 2 March 17, 2009

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I don’t know about you guys, but I just can’t KEEP the ladies off me. I mean, fucking seriously, I’m just minding my business at the store and there’s like five of them just stalking me. I spend most of my nights afraid cause I can hear them outside my window, plotting to abuse my loins. Not that I mind the attention, but it was getting in the way of my school work so I figured I would find out what the hell makes the ladies splooge all over me for.

It all made perfect sense when I found my copy of  Dark Cloud 2 on my shelf, shining its magnificient glow of Level 5 quality goodness.

For those of you who don’t know, Dark Cloud 1 was sort of a half dungeon crawler, half sim city hybrid, but kinda lame on both fronts. Now DC1 wasn’t bad, but the only reason it’s even worth mentioning is because it paved the way to Dark Cloud Motherfucking 2.

Now with time travel, and titties!

Now with time travel, and titties!

So what makes Dark Cloud 2 so great? That’s not what we’re here to talk about. We’re here to talk about how that shit gets you laid, son.


A man who can manage her shit.

-A man who can fix her shit.

-A man who can invent shit for her.

-A man who can time travel.(You’re gonna have to just trust me on this one)

Dark Cloud 2 has:

All of the above and way more. And by way more I mean my dick is huge, ladies.

So seriously, if you’re one of those people who gains intellect and skills from playing the vidya games, this is one of those vidya games that’ll get you laid.

Charged with no battery March 16, 2009

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missing1 Nobody buys AA batteries anymore. I was at my friend’s house playing Wii the other day when the Wii Remote stopped responding. Concluding that the batteries had died, he exclaimed, “Well, I guess we can’t play Wii anymore!” To which I gave a blank stare. I was bemused. But then again, just yesterday the batteries ran out on my Xbox 360 controller and I went searching through the usual drawers where the replacements are kept only to find nothing. Well, that’s not entirely true. I found my old Game Boy Colour and Game Boy Pocket as well as a rainbow of Pokemon games. Although excited to relive my old days, it turns out the Game Boy Colour needed 2 AA batteries.

The search for batteries, even now, is a hard task for me. In my kitchen there is one drawer they are always kept. And scrounging then as I do now, I always find a mixed pair of any-brand AA batteries: one a half dead no-name and the other fully a loaded Duracell. And the times I found nothing or just one battery, the hunt would then turn to greed. Eventually making me remove them from remotes around the house. Using them for the short time I needed and sneakily replacing them after I’d run my course, and no one would be the wiser.

I used to use rechargable batteries when I remembered I had them; a few times I threw them out due to habit. But thank god newer portable systems have a built-in rechargable battery. This does save a lot of time and money but also I don’t end up fiddling with the back the entire time I’m playing. Or even running my fingers along the batteries (or duct tape) due to a lost cover. How odd, though, that console gaming lost adaptability with controllers after finally getting over the portable obstacle.

I still had an adapter for my brick Game Boy. It wasn’t too bothersome, but every make of Game Boy up until the Game Boy Advance SP had the adapter port on the bottom of the Game Boy. That’s why you needed batteries, because although your hands weren’t always touching bottom, you kept your hands clear of that area, as well as holding the Game Boy fifty feet in front so it wasn’t poking into your body. It just felt so uncomfortable. I guess it couldn’t be helped with the power supply being at the bottom, but batteries were far more convenient.

The only system I remember constantly using an adapter for was my Sega Game Gear. This black bitch needed six AA batteries. Six. You might think that’s overkill, but this thing had more power than a Game Boy plus it came with a backlight. Something Nintendo didn’t introduce until Game Boy Advance SP, yet again. That was one of the reasons I played my Game Gear a ton. It was the true portable system I could bring anywhere.

Good luck filling those ones up.

Good luck filling those ones up.

As for the Game Boy, I normally sat down plugged in next to a lamp just to make out the black and white/grey/green pixels, completely destroying the purpose of being portable. Hell, I could even play Game Gear in the dark. Otherwise, I’d go searching in a blackout for the giant A batteries for a flashlight so I could find the AA batteries and see what the hell I’m doing. God forbid for both systems if I brought them outside though. Damn Sun, ruins everything gamers want.

Despite all of this tomfoolery, I haven’t played my Nintendo DS nearly as much as I have any of my previous Game Boys. I keep it plugged in all the time but haven’t picked it up in quite a while. Maybe the games I have don’t intrigue me as much. Maybe I don’t have time to play as often as I like. Maybe I have two consoles sitting by me at all times that I can easily pick up and play, if I have AA batteries. Maybe I just like the sense of a limited experience, that I’d rather have batteries over a constant supply. In any case, I enjoy my adapter plug in at the top and a backlight, thank you. Now I’m out to the store so I can play Pokemon in a glorious 3-colour scheme.

To spite me, here's FreezingInfernos' impressive battery collection. P.S. I need some, plz send.

To spite me, here's FreezingInfernos' impressive battery collection. P.S. I need some, plz send.

Games You’ve Never Heard Of: The Twisted Tales Of Spike McFang March 7, 2009

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Every so often in the mystical mysterious world of video games, some odd sap with lots of money and a chemical imbalance comes up with a concept that’s so ludicrous that it actually loops back around and becomes good. The most well-known and easiest example to make would be that loveable SNES classic, Earthbound. I have no idea what sort of drugs those designers were on (and trust me, with those trippy backgrounds, it was something), but I’ll be god-damned if it didn’t create a quirky-ass RPG that still managed to be pretty friggin’ good. I’m talkin’ the kind of thing that creates a gigantic cult following; and if you’ve ever looked into Starmen.net, you know that it’s a CULT following. These people are DEVOTED to their quirky-ass little RPG series. But, alas, there’s another weird RPG on the Super Nintendo that was far too obscure, and didn’t get a rabid fanbase. Much like Earthbound, it was as weird and, dare I say, “tongue-in-cheek” as possible.
If I had to make up a tagline for this thing, I’d be lucky because I already made one up, HA!
I’d call this game the hippie love-child of Earthbound and Secret of Mana. So, let’s talk a little about “The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang”.

This isn’t really a “review” so much as it is me ranting about this old game I like, so I won’t explain every little mechanic about the thing. Rather, I just wanna mention how the thing plays, and then tell you about some of the weird shit that you encounter whilst playing it. A little “enticer” if you will.
So you’re Spike McFang, and you’re a vampire prince. Now, this is a more light-hearted game, so I’m willing to ignore the fact that this little guy runs around at daytime constantly; at least he doesn’t SPARKLE. As the game starts, he arrives at “Fighter Island” in a car with a dragon tail on it, driven by his buddy Professor Steam and four sheep.
..Told you this game was weird.
Upon getting out, his bestest friend Camelia catches up, informing him that THE EVIL GENERAL VON HESLER has kidnapped their parents and is trying to take over the kingdom. Spike needs to train first, though, and after saving his game at a man with a Moai statue for a head, gets down to it.

The Fighter Island section begins, which is both a tutorial and a perfect segue for me to explain the gameplay. This here’s one of them “action RPGs” the kids are so fond of. Spikey can spin around (like a record, baby) to attack things. Mashing the spin button does a crazy tornado whirl that has a long range, but makes Spike dizzy. By holding DOWN the attack button, Spike can levitate his hat and throw it at enemies like a boomerang. The final little thing you can do, as either offense or defense, is use magic cards that you’re able to buy. There’s a fair assortment to collect; some are useless as all hell, and others (like the healing ones) are pretty much required.

That’s about all I can say without spoiling the hell out of this game. It’s weird as hell, but it’s damn great at the same time. Definitely play it; I guarantee some of the craziness will make you stare at your screen and yell “SAY WHAT, WHAT IS THAT YOU SAY?”. All in all, it’s a great little strange game that was lost in obscurity.

Do only women have to worry about unrealistic body image in video games? March 5, 2009

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Lara Croft's titties, I mean...Lara Croft has huge tits. Hey, wait. Don’t get me wrong. She’s also an accomplished treasure hunter and can solve any puzzle put in front of her. But she’s beautiful. She has long sexy brown hair, big doe-like eyes, an impossibly thin waist. And huge tits. Boobs that defy gravity.

I used to be offended at how women were portrayed in video games, as if they were flawless beauties that take on any physical challenge. It’s unrealistic how Ivy from Soul Calibur has breasts that are bouncy but never stay down. Ivy, plus most women in fighting games like Dead or Alive, fight in high heels. Hell, I can barely walk in heels, let alone do a jump kick and then throw a man.

And while I don’t always think about this, sometimes a new game will bring it up. Take Resident Evil 5, for instance. Sheva Alomar looks flawless, skinnier than most models and still able to fight and shoot a gun with no problem (which is one of my issues — someone who is that thin may look great, but how strong will she be?). But as I looked at the poster, my eyes moved over to Chris Redfield. His huge bulging muscles and perfect looks. I started to wonder, “Hey, aren’t men portrayed unrealistically in video games too?”

Comparing an old image of Chris from his original appearance to an image from Resident Evil 5 really shows how his character has been buffed up. Add that to how Ken and Ryu look in the new Street Fighter game. Even for a fighting game, their muscles make them look like each arm is a small child. When they’re not buff, men are impossibly handsome, like the main character from Mass Effect or both dudes in Army of 2.

When you think about it, both men and women are shown unrealistically in video games. It’s the same way in most comic books: for every Wonder Woman, there’s a Superman. I think it’s different in the media: when we see real women and men portrayed as flawless, muscular or skinny, we believe that we must be like these people. In video games, however, we’re trying to escape reality and be people or creatures that can never exist. No real man will ever be as swoll as Chris Redfield, but then again, what real man will actually ever fight zombies?

Whether or not you choose to believe that Lara Croft is supposed to be an accurate representation of a woman is up to you, but I think we can all agree, her games suck.