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Brawl Brackets May 23, 2009

Posted by Not Dave in group project.
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So finally everyone that is going to play has signed up, and we can move on with the match ups. Since the tournament is Round-Robin, everyone will have to play everyone eventually, so no need for us to wait for results on recording. However, matches will be released to the public based on Rounds. So! The first round of matches are:

King of Solomon VS Not Dave at Delfino Plaza
Lyrax VS Rizu Komesu at Bridge of Eldin
Soapynome VS Omega Zultan at Halberd
Samm VS GTF at Castle Siege
Lord Vega VS Ranchei at Green Hill Zone
Uznare VS Pale Voyager at Shadow Moses Island

To see who has chosen what characters and what their home stages are, check out after the break. Besides that, I don’t have anything else until the first round is recorded. So see you then!



Brawl for Non-Losers May 16, 2009

Posted by Not Dave in group project, miscellaneous.
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Poit. Organizing a Super Smash Bro.s Brawl Tourney for the non-losers. Non-Losers know where to sign up, normies will have to pass this time around.


  • Round Robin (if no one likes that, typical Ladder/Double Elimination rules then)
  • Low items, no Smash Ball, Dragoon, or Hammer/Golden Hammer (maybe no beam sword for Samm)
  • New Rule: Also, no assist trophies since they can mess with the camera.
  • 3 Lives, No Time Limit

How it works is in each match, one player is considered home (by random chance), and the stage they chose at sign up is used. Players can choose one of two characters they specified at sign-up, based on who they’re fighting, what stage they’re on, or gut feeling. After that, fight, fight, and continue fighting, until one is crowned Gundam of Gundams. Hopefully we’re gonna try to have every match recorded, even if it requires a third person enter and suicide at the start, and have special guest commentators over the fights.

So far, the list of players include Not Dave, Rizu Komesu, Omega Zultan, GTF, Ranchei, Pale Voyager, Uznare, Lord Vega, and Samm.