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Finished LP And Future Plans May 19, 2009

Posted by ranchei in gaming blogs, intro posts, let's play updates.

After 15 episodes of fun and other 10 episodes of pain, I finally reach the end of  King Master of Spirits 2 Go watch it if you haven’t yet!

Now this being my first post in the blog I guess I should explain a little. I’m Ranchei, the other finish non-loser who’s known for his randomness. I started let’s plays over a year ago and have done quite a few. Some not as good as others. I personally think I’m medium quality and Let’s Play for the fun of it and the games I LP.

But on to the point and that is my future plans. My Next LP will be of a PSX game called Tomba 2 (Tombi in Europe). A childhood game of mine I never finished completely until I found the thing called FAQ. I know the game inside-out and have a great plan for it.

The plan is simple and at the same time might make the game a little harder for me. The game has a ton of side-quest’s so I decided to do it like this:

First I run trought the main story, ignoring EVERY side-quest in any way possible. I will miss Lot’s of useful stuff but that’s fine. After the story is done and I return to the first area I focus on side-quest’s on the second runtrough of the worlds. Afterwards, I will focus on the un-finished questes that reguire you to run araund the world and the bosses wich you actually can fight in any order as long as you know where they are hiding.

Simply said: Story, Side-questes, Finishing up, Bosses, The end

Now I realised that people liked my Medievil LP a lot and I think it’s cause I had played the game a lot so I hope Tomba 2 will be as big of a sucsess.

AMIDOINITRITE March 15, 2009

Posted by omegazultan in intro posts.
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Sweet, I’m here. I’m glad we’re all able to get this underway. Once I get my mic fixed, we can make the super awesome announcement of kickassitude.

Shadow of the Colossus finished! March 15, 2009

Posted by Lyrax in intro posts, let's play updates.
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Well, losing my post-ginity by letting everyone know that my Shadow of the Colossus Let’s Play is finally complete. It’s been a while, about a month and a bit to complete, but I finally finished. To say, I think the game still deserves an actual play to give it justice but I think I am satisfied with what I have done. I look forward to making more LPs in the future as well as posting a bit more on the blog with all these fine people. Seriously, thank you all for giving me this chance.

If you would like to see my OP, click here!

Silent Hill 3 [BLIND] Update March 3, 2009

Posted by l0rdvega in intro posts, let's play updates.
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Not really much for intros but hi.

There will not be as many updates in the near future because I am at ssskinner’s house and did not get to complete the game before I left. I have a few more videos but I am going to space them out. Sorry about that.

20. A Phone Call / Viddler

Mega Man Xtreme news, and some randomness March 2, 2009

Posted by Frezno in intro posts, let's play updates, site updates.
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Hey there cool blog, Frezno here~
Just thought I’d give the main blog a test-spin here, and give you all a little update.
Regarding Mega Man Xtreme, I actually did give an honest attempt at recording today, and got part of my video made. But Bospider on Xtreme is quite the fuckernaut, so it’ll have to wait until I’m in a good mood and have patience enough to try and beat his ass.

Until then, tide yourselves over with some random one-shot videos I made today. We’ve got a Let’s Blindly Play of “Jelly Boy”, which is probably one of the strangest games I’ve ever played, and a new series called “Hacko Fantastico”, wherein I fiddle around with ROM hacks for a bit. Fun stuff, and hope you enjoy~

Let’s Blindly Play: J Is For Jelly Boy
Hacko Fantastico Episode 1: Tokyo City Ninjas


Testing, testing, 1 2 3 March 1, 2009

Posted by Rainiac in intro posts, tests.
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What’s up fellow Non-Losers? This is Rainiac just testing this bad boy out for the first time.  Hopefully we can exploit the potential of this to the full. I’ll be plugging the hell out of our blog when it eventually goes public, and I won’t just be using this to host LPs. There’s some non-LP video ideas I’ve been toying with as well…

Well I think that’s all that needs to be said for this little introduction.  Look for some actual content to go up sometime soon