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Kicking to Victory June 25, 2009

Posted by Rainiac in let's play updates, miscellaneous.
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At long last, the Kick Master LP I’ve been doing is complete. The final video in the series can be found here, and those who would like to relive the LP as a whole can find the appropriate links in the subpage for this LP, found here

So what’s next for me now then. Well, as usual, I have to put real-life issues first I’m afraid. I graduate from University on the 2nd of July, and due to not being able to stay overnight in a hotel beforehand, I’ll most likely be out of it til at least the weekend. That doesn’t mean I won’t be active though, just that I won’t be starting a new LP for a week or two. I have a couple of possible games picked out for my next LP, but the problem is that I can’t decide between them. I’ll be making a test video of each game and see what the other Non-Losers think before reaching my decision. Whichever game is picked, I’ll try and update it more regularly than I did with Kick Master.

As for non-LP projects, I’m currently searching for another film to review, even though Blues Brothers 2000 was met by a lukewarm response, and if another subject I feel the need to rant about comes along, you can bet there’ll be a shiny new blog post of me venting my spleen about it.

Thanks to all those who watched and enjoyed the Kick Master LP, and all being well I’ll have some more videos coming out for you people in the near future…


Eternal Darkness May 28, 2009

Posted by ssskinner in let's play updates.
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The Eternal Darkness LP has started. I wrote enough in the post for three lifetimes, so I suggest you check it out as I have nothing left to say here, sadly.

Finished LP And Future Plans May 19, 2009

Posted by ranchei in gaming blogs, intro posts, let's play updates.

After 15 episodes of fun and other 10 episodes of pain, I finally reach the end of  King Master of Spirits 2 Go watch it if you haven’t yet!

Now this being my first post in the blog I guess I should explain a little. I’m Ranchei, the other finish non-loser who’s known for his randomness. I started let’s plays over a year ago and have done quite a few. Some not as good as others. I personally think I’m medium quality and Let’s Play for the fun of it and the games I LP.

But on to the point and that is my future plans. My Next LP will be of a PSX game called Tomba 2 (Tombi in Europe). A childhood game of mine I never finished completely until I found the thing called FAQ. I know the game inside-out and have a great plan for it.

The plan is simple and at the same time might make the game a little harder for me. The game has a ton of side-quest’s so I decided to do it like this:

First I run trought the main story, ignoring EVERY side-quest in any way possible. I will miss Lot’s of useful stuff but that’s fine. After the story is done and I return to the first area I focus on side-quest’s on the second runtrough of the worlds. Afterwards, I will focus on the un-finished questes that reguire you to run araund the world and the bosses wich you actually can fight in any order as long as you know where they are hiding.

Simply said: Story, Side-questes, Finishing up, Bosses, The end

Now I realised that people liked my Medievil LP a lot and I think it’s cause I had played the game a lot so I hope Tomba 2 will be as big of a sucsess.

Another One Down May 14, 2009

Posted by Frezno in let's play updates.

Hey it’s me again, here to totally whore out my LPs because that’s what I do best, it seems =p
Mega Man Xtreme 2 is complete, and that marks the end of my double Xtreme bill LP.. thing. I’ve moved the thread for the games to the Completed section of the blog; find it here if you care.

As for my next LP, it’s something pretty goddamned grandiose for me that will likely involve a few Non-Losers; I’ll make a blog post here when I start. (Say, does anyone besides us Non-Losers read this thing? Just curious.)

Finally, to be a team player and not some LP whore, I’ll actually cook up some sort of non-LP related blog entry sometime. Keep your eyes sharp for it.
Well, seeya for now.

CT3 Page Updated! May 13, 2009

Posted by ssskinner in let's play updates.
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Hey, guys. I haven’t had much time to work on posting and all, but the semester just ended and I did a huge update to the CT3 page. I’ve finished playing the game, though it’s not all uploaded yet. The final boss is a cockdouche, so I’m glad that’s over with. The LP will be all uploaded within the next week and then it’ll be time to move on away from blind runs. Thanks everyone for being with me so far on this one. Hope you enjoy the end!

No Eulogy Necessary April 30, 2009

Posted by Rizu in let's play updates.
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Official Announcement Video Is Here

No people, I am not dead. I’ve taken a really long hiatus from let’s playing for quite a few reasons; there is a sub-project I am working on which has also taken a back seat but I am going to be working on that soon enough. Real life… Decided to dump a ton of shit on me in February, it’s stuff I’d rather not go into outside of a trusted few. And, finally, I’ve been having a lot of trouble with the dazzle I purchased at Christmas Time, though the issues with it have recently been solved.

So, without futher adieu, the announcement of my next Let’s Play.

I am going to be playing Maximo: Ghosts to Glory for the Playstation 2.

I know what you must all be thinking; is this chick crazy? Does she have any idea how stupidly hard this game is? How the hell is she going to do this? The truth of the matter is that I’m going to be doing longer videos, so if you want to watch the full versions you’ll have to go to my viddler (although broken-up parts will show up on my youtube as well). How it will work is that I’ll have the first three playable stages in a video, then the fourth playable level and the boss fight in the next video. If all goes well (and since there are five worlds in total), I should be done in 10-11 videos but we’ll see, and this format is also why a longer time limit is required. What else can I tell you about this game?

It’s a Ghosts ‘n Goblins Game in 3D and is just as infamously hard as its predecessors (although the sequal has a more turned down difficulty and therefore is much easier). I played it as a kid and could never make it past the second boss actually, so we can only imagine how this is going to go. This does not mean I am going to be playing the game blind. Like with Lion King, I’m probably going to test-play the hell out of these levels before recording so that you will not be subjected to endless failure on my part. Why? I’m kind like that.

Maximo, a brave knight who has been out to war, returns to his kingdom to find that his wife Sophia has been forced to marry the evil sorcerer Achillie (I’m not even sure if that’s spelled correctly, shut up)! And, after being subjected to a fatal attack from Achillie, Maximo meets none other than the Grim Reaper himself! Because of Achillie’s power to bring the dead back into the world of the living, the Grim Reaper has been losing work. So, in exchange for giving Maximo back his life, the Grim Reaper has sent Maximo on a mission to stop the evil Achillie and will even lend the brave knight his abilities from time to time. Over-all, a really fun little action platformer (though if you’re not careful, Maximo will be running around in his underwear…).

I will be doing both games in the series and will try to be as informative as possible (or as WTF as some of the shit that appears in this game is really that surprising!), and I hope you’ll be around to watch my exploits with the game. So Stay Frosty and stay tuned for the next update! Thanks for reading guys!

Postponed Snap! April 29, 2009

Posted by Lyrax in let's play updates.
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I have made a recent announcement about my status with Pokemon Snap since I have not updated within a whole month. This is a problem I am rectifying with a new LP! It will be brought within the next few days. So do hold tight.

Here’s a hint: Listen to the background music.

OH WHAT THE April 25, 2009

Posted by Not Dave in let's play updates.
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I only wanted to do that once.

SO! I finally properly formatted the Max Payne Page… what could this mean? Possibly a real update on the horizon? Maybe I’ll finally do my Q&A answers? Probably neither. Gonna try to put up some of my old LPs today too. See you then.

Mega Mania Xtreme, and some other stuff that might interest you April 17, 2009

Posted by Frezno in let's play updates, miscellaneous.
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Hey there, been a while since I posted here, hey? =)
Well, I’m back and whatnot, so let’s get down to what I wanted to mention.

As of last week, Mega Man Xtreme is officially done. Being a lazy bugger, I’ve only just now gotten to updating the page for it here on BFNL with all the current links. You’ll notice as well that I’ve started on the sequel, Mega Man Xtreme 2. You’ve got time to catch up before I begin that proper, so hop to it.

Also because I am a consumer whore, I’m going to give a quick mention to my vlog channel I have going. I’m in the process of editing footage from my recent little vacation together and uploading it on there. If you like scenery and puppies, then take a look-see.

I’ll have a rant of some sort up here after someone else makes a post about something, because I am not a double-posting whore.

More Clocktower! April 12, 2009

Posted by ssskinner in bonus content, let's play updates.

Well, my updates have been pretty regular so I haven’t been posting each time, but I’m making a post every time I get fan content so far. (I didn’t update for ND’s comic since he posted it himself. :3)

All of the videos are on the page for this Let’s Play!

The game’s getting pretty odd, for sure.

And for fan content, here’s the video Cauchemar89 made about a great and classic scene in episode nine.