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Additions May 3, 2009

Posted by Not Dave in site updates.
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So, those who aren’t in out skype chat (meaning anyone outside of the group) probably doesn’t know we added two new people, though I keep forgetting to ask if they want blog access. Now part of the group (and by part of the group I mean in our skype chat), is the GTF and MikeNnemonic. If you haven’t watched them go right ahead. GTF’s mainstay of LP/IPATs usually consist of unheard of doujin games like MegaMari, and the occasional lowkey professional game such as Mega Man V on the Gameboy, and the hilariously well done Ys: Oath in Felghana with Un and Boss Goji (I had some minor audio contributions :D). Mike similarly does obscure games, though not of the same idiom. His more well known LPs include the bizarre Lovely Sweet Dream Emulator on the PSX (if you qualify that as a game), a collection of C64 games, and the epic (insert echo) Out of this World/Heart of the Alien.
So go check those guys out of you haven’t seen them, and remind me to ask them if they want blog access.


streaming page March 3, 2009

Posted by Not Dave in site updates.
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I added a page which includes the typical rules to our streams, and links to all the stream pages that I could remember. Feel free to add yours if I didn’t and to add any rules or broadcast times, or whatever you feel like. When I remember, I’ll add the link to the nonloser twitter too, but I have to talk to samm about it.

Mega Man Xtreme news, and some randomness March 2, 2009

Posted by Frezno in intro posts, let's play updates, site updates.
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Hey there cool blog, Frezno here~
Just thought I’d give the main blog a test-spin here, and give you all a little update.
Regarding Mega Man Xtreme, I actually did give an honest attempt at recording today, and got part of my video made. But Bospider on Xtreme is quite the fuckernaut, so it’ll have to wait until I’m in a good mood and have patience enough to try and beat his ass.

Until then, tide yourselves over with some random one-shot videos I made today. We’ve got a Let’s Blindly Play of “Jelly Boy”, which is probably one of the strangest games I’ve ever played, and a new series called “Hacko Fantastico”, wherein I fiddle around with ROM hacks for a bit. Fun stuff, and hope you enjoy~

Let’s Blindly Play: J Is For Jelly Boy
Hacko Fantastico Episode 1: Tokyo City Ninjas


categories/LP updates March 2, 2009

Posted by ssskinner in let's play updates, site updates.
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Hey, guys, I’ve set up a way to put our posts into categories. When you’re adding a new post for an LP or just any kind of blog, on the right side, there’s a set of categories. Please check at least one and uncheck “Uncategorized” so we can keep a good order on where LP updates, blogs, and such are.

Also I changed things around a little with regard to the LPs section. Now there’s completed LPs and current. We can fiddle with it more, but I think it’s a good start, now that Rizu’s LP is up and it’s done.

Also hai people watching! A few LPs have been posted to the site already, including my E.V.O. thread, FreezingInferno’s Mega Man Xtreme videos, and L0rdVega’s Silent Hill 3 [BLIND] run. Stay on the look out for some more content in the upcoming days.

Posting LP March 1, 2009

Posted by Not Dave in site updates.
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To post an LP on the blog, I’m currently working under this sort of filing system, or process, or whatever.

On the dashboard, on the left panel, there is the Pages tab. Under it is “Add New”. The page that opens will be a text entry box for writing up what would be equivalent to your OP. After its written up, look to the right panel, under “Attributes.” There should be a drop down box under “Parent,” and you’ll want “Let’s Plays” to be selected there. You may also want to name the page “[Game Title] by [User]”. After that, you can hit publish, and that should do the trick. Anything else that needs to be editted or added about this process I will do as the problems/questions emerge.