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1. Seph1212 - March 18, 2009

cool, so this site looks like it’s going to be barrles of fun!
I’m a new lets player and i believe that something like this will greatly help people like me to get more into the LPing experiance. kudos onto Omega and Rainiac and everyone else who came up with this idea.

2. johnny - March 19, 2009


3. Hayden - March 20, 2009

This looks like a lot of fun.In case your wondering,no I don’t have an account on youtube,but I am a fan of Chuggaaconroy,Rainiac666,Cychreus,and christopherbrown1988.Sorry for having a long message,I’m sort of a noob:).Also even though my name is Hayden,I’m not a girl.

4. Evan - March 25, 2009


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