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Kick Master by Rainiac

Kick Master is a fun little NES game where you play as Thonolan, Kick Master of the kingdom of Lowrel, in a quest to avenge the death of your brother Macren and the kidnap of princess Silphee by the wicked sorceress Belzed. At least, it’s fun til the last two stages, then it just becomes unfair. My LP also makes use of editing to try and spice things up…


Sector 1:  The Witches’ Forest (Youtube) (Viddler)

Sector 2:  The Caverns of No Return (Youtube) (Viddler)

Sector 3:  Belzed’s First Dungeon (Youtube) (Viddler)

Sector 4:  The Bottomless Crevasse (Youtube) (Viddler)

Sector 5:  The Ship of Strife (Youtube) (Viddler)

Sector 6:  Across the Swamps (Youtube) (Viddler)

Sector 7:  A Long Way from Home (Youtube) (Viddler)

Sector 8:  Belzed’s Haunted Tower (Viddler)



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