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Where I’ve been as of late June 8, 2009

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A few of you may have noticed that I’ve been slightly absent as of late. This is partly because I’ve been doing real life stuff, like work (currently working for a computer store fixing computers) and socialising with people, as well as my controller currently being outside of my grasp (expect a new video when I get it back). This has pretty much kept me tied up for the last month or so, I’ve had hardly enough time to think let alone scratch myself, seriously, this itch is ridiculous! All joking aside, I plan to have a new video up asap, hopefully a new CotM video for everyone to enjoy. I’m not going to tell you who the guest is, but I can tell you I’ve helped him out with guest work in the past.

I know I haven’t been the most regular person at updating, only updating when I feel like it, though I do try to keep a schedule. I try to update once a week, though this rarely plans out. I do have some plans for future projects. A big collab effort from the CFNL on an LP I’m planning to do, a review page on youtube and maybe even a top secret idea which I’ve been brewing around in my stove pot of a head at the moment for quite some time, and I can tell you the stew is looking quite tasty at this current moment. So look out for these in the near future, I will post links on my youtube page for them when they come to be, and keep enjoying the videos if you have been, I know I’ve been enjoying making them.

Enjoy the full image of my avatar on youtube. Click

Edit: I almost forgot to mention, I’ve been using Windows 7 as of late as well, which doesn’t have any programs on it except for games on my other hard drive and Steam. I’ve been clocking up the hours in TF2 while seeing how well Windows 7 runs. I recommend using it if you have a vista machine, it’s ten times better.


Insulting music – why you shouldn’t do it. Seriously. June 6, 2009

Posted by SoapyNome in art, miscellaneous.

So, the other day, a friend asked me, “What kind of music do you like”? And I was all like “OH FUCK YEAH I LIKE ROCK HURRR”. But then I realized something-I listen to things other than rock. Hell, you should see me when I listen to “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay, I fucking get into that shit. Seriously.

But anyway, this got me thinking. What makes someone like certain music? Take myself-I listen to disturbed one second, then Opeth, then Kamelot, (which are all in the same general genre, though different in their own respects), but I also listen to stuff like Eiffel 65, Weird Al Yankovic, Journey, Coldplay, Michael Jackson, hell, even some Kenny Chesney. Fuck damn it, I listen to about every genre imaginable!

Now, where am I going with this? Well, certain people like certain music, am I right? Of course. Now, I started thinking, and thinking, and I realized what caused one of my ticks: When people insult others’ music.

Every note in a song is thought out. Every lyric is written with meaning. Every measure is worth 10,000,000 words, every drum solo that sounds like random wailing on the drums has actually been thought out and perfected, every cymbal hit, every guitar string hit, every lyric said, every death growl sung-is music. No matter what genre, no matter what sound, it’s music. Hours, days, weeks, months have been put into that song, a tremendous effort to put together something that sounds beautiful to the creator. To insult something that someone has worked so hard on is just flat-out moronic.

So, don’t go fucking insulting music. “HURR COUNTRY SUCKS, ROCK IS BETTER HURR” doesn’t make you sound smart. So, lesson learned? Effort was put into every song you hear. So think fucking twice about insulting it.

Rainiac Rants: Nintendo’s E3 Conference & the State of Gamers Today June 2, 2009

Posted by Rainiac in gaming blogs, rants.

So early this morning (5 o clock this afternoon for any fellow Brits reading this blog post), Nintendo gave their annual E3 press conference. I was watching the event live while chatting on Skype to several of the other Non-Losers. There were highs and lows, as is the case with any gaming conferences, but the highs were pretty damn good. Nintendo revealed New Super Mario Bros Wii (a FOUR PLAYER Mario platformer), Super Mario Galaxy 2, Golden Sun DS (the revealing of which took EVERYBODY by surprise) and perhaps the piece de resistance, Metroid Other M, an apparent prequel to Metroid Prime that will delve deeper into Samus’ backstory and doesn’t appear to be an FPS this time. I’m sure most of you would agree that in itself was an amazing haul (OZ certainly would: the sheer appearance of Metroid Other M was enough to make him literally wet himself). Add in footage of Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, The Conduit and Resident Evil Dark Chronicles and needless to say it was very entertaining to watch, and very encouraging for the future. However, there was one thing that was incredibly annoying and disconcerting, and that was the general reaction of the fans in the live chat as the conference was actually going on. While everyone in the Skype chat was pretty damn excited, the so-called gaming fans couldn’t give a shit. They were all lambasting Nintendo, saying it was even worse than last year’s showing (which I’ll freely admit wasn’t that great). At first I put it down to Sony and Microsoft fanboys turning up just to start trouble, but I later realised that it was more than that. It might sound like a massive overreaction, but the main reason why the conference got that reaction is simple: today’s gamers are spoilt.

What exactly do I mean by that? Cast your mind back to the early to mid 90s, around the time I and presumably most of the other non-Losers first got into video games. Back then games were a hell of a lot simpler than they are now. The graphics weren’t nearly as fancy, and the gameplay was much more basic in many respects. Most titles on the ‘2nd gen’ of home consoles (Genesis, SNES) were in 2D (with a few exceptions), but the gameplay was compelling, addictive, and in some cases groundbreaking. Inevitably video games moved into 3D with the introduction of the Playstation, N64 and Dreamcast, but while graphics were improved it was still about the gameplay first and foremost. That’s why titles like Super Mario World, Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Banjo-Kazooie still appeal today: because the basic gameplay is solid as a rock, and as a result they’re still very enjoyable.

Fast forward to 2002. Enter the PS2, XBox and Gamecube. Exit heavy emphasis on gameplay coming first…

OK, so that may be a little harsh, but once home consoles moved on from the N64 and PSOne, graphics within games were markedly improved, and conversely games which had great graphics but mediocre at best gameplay began to emerge (no need to offer any examples here, I’m sure we’ve all played at least one of them). And then it hit me that this is where the problem I spotted again during the conference first sprang up. The vast majority of people who play games today are teenagers, in other words, people first came into video games at a time where style (graphics) became superior to substance (gameplay).

The proof for this argument? Today’s generation of home consoles, that is, the PS3, the 360, and the Wii. While 360 and PS3 have produced some great titles I can’t shake the feeling that for these 2 consoles it’s more about looking good than playing good. The Wii is by no means perfect, but at least they’ve made attempts to be innovative and look like they’ll continue to do so. Perhaps that explains the fairly negative reactions for the Wii in comparison to its rivals: Wii appeals more to gamers who grew up around the same time as me as well as families, while XBox 360 and PS3 appeal more to those who came across gaming later.

So perhaps I shouldn’t be angry at the people who mocked Nintendo during today’s conference. Perhaps they couldn’t help it because they don’t know any better…

(IMPORTANT NOTE: The following rant was only my own personal opinion. I have no intention to cause offense and if you feel I managed to offend you, that was not my plan and I apologise in advance. Also, if this rant is well-enough received, I may turn this into a semi-regular feature on this blog, so your feedback would be appreciated. Toodles)

Eternal Darkness May 28, 2009

Posted by ssskinner in let's play updates.
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The Eternal Darkness LP has started. I wrote enough in the post for three lifetimes, so I suggest you check it out as I have nothing left to say here, sadly.

Brawl Brackets May 23, 2009

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Score Card

So finally everyone that is going to play has signed up, and we can move on with the match ups. Since the tournament is Round-Robin, everyone will have to play everyone eventually, so no need for us to wait for results on recording. However, matches will be released to the public based on Rounds. So! The first round of matches are:

King of Solomon VS Not Dave at Delfino Plaza
Lyrax VS Rizu Komesu at Bridge of Eldin
Soapynome VS Omega Zultan at Halberd
Samm VS GTF at Castle Siege
Lord Vega VS Ranchei at Green Hill Zone
Uznare VS Pale Voyager at Shadow Moses Island

To see who has chosen what characters and what their home stages are, check out after the break. Besides that, I don’t have anything else until the first round is recorded. So see you then!


Finished LP And Future Plans May 19, 2009

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After 15 episodes of fun and other 10 episodes of pain, I finally reach the end of  King Master of Spirits 2 Go watch it if you haven’t yet!

Now this being my first post in the blog I guess I should explain a little. I’m Ranchei, the other finish non-loser who’s known for his randomness. I started let’s plays over a year ago and have done quite a few. Some not as good as others. I personally think I’m medium quality and Let’s Play for the fun of it and the games I LP.

But on to the point and that is my future plans. My Next LP will be of a PSX game called Tomba 2 (Tombi in Europe). A childhood game of mine I never finished completely until I found the thing called FAQ. I know the game inside-out and have a great plan for it.

The plan is simple and at the same time might make the game a little harder for me. The game has a ton of side-quest’s so I decided to do it like this:

First I run trought the main story, ignoring EVERY side-quest in any way possible. I will miss Lot’s of useful stuff but that’s fine. After the story is done and I return to the first area I focus on side-quest’s on the second runtrough of the worlds. Afterwards, I will focus on the un-finished questes that reguire you to run araund the world and the bosses wich you actually can fight in any order as long as you know where they are hiding.

Simply said: Story, Side-questes, Finishing up, Bosses, The end

Now I realised that people liked my Medievil LP a lot and I think it’s cause I had played the game a lot so I hope Tomba 2 will be as big of a sucsess.

Brawl for Non-Losers May 16, 2009

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Poit. Organizing a Super Smash Bro.s Brawl Tourney for the non-losers. Non-Losers know where to sign up, normies will have to pass this time around.


  • Round Robin (if no one likes that, typical Ladder/Double Elimination rules then)
  • Low items, no Smash Ball, Dragoon, or Hammer/Golden Hammer (maybe no beam sword for Samm)
  • New Rule: Also, no assist trophies since they can mess with the camera.
  • 3 Lives, No Time Limit

How it works is in each match, one player is considered home (by random chance), and the stage they chose at sign up is used. Players can choose one of two characters they specified at sign-up, based on who they’re fighting, what stage they’re on, or gut feeling. After that, fight, fight, and continue fighting, until one is crowned Gundam of Gundams. Hopefully we’re gonna try to have every match recorded, even if it requires a third person enter and suicide at the start, and have special guest commentators over the fights.

So far, the list of players include Not Dave, Rizu Komesu, Omega Zultan, GTF, Ranchei, Pale Voyager, Uznare, Lord Vega, and Samm.

Another One Down May 14, 2009

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Hey it’s me again, here to totally whore out my LPs because that’s what I do best, it seems =p
Mega Man Xtreme 2 is complete, and that marks the end of my double Xtreme bill LP.. thing. I’ve moved the thread for the games to the Completed section of the blog; find it here if you care.

As for my next LP, it’s something pretty goddamned grandiose for me that will likely involve a few Non-Losers; I’ll make a blog post here when I start. (Say, does anyone besides us Non-Losers read this thing? Just curious.)

Finally, to be a team player and not some LP whore, I’ll actually cook up some sort of non-LP related blog entry sometime. Keep your eyes sharp for it.
Well, seeya for now.

Let’s Players – common traits May 13, 2009

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Sorry to post again so soon, but I wanted to write this for a while and just got around to it!

I’ve been LPing for quite a while now (since August 2008). Not an excessive amount of time since some people have been doing it regularly since 2007, but it’s still a considerable amount of time. I have met some great friends through LPing, but I have noticed that even outside of the people I know, LPers have a lot of common traits. Besides the ones you’d think of, like that most are men, gamers, and around 18-25 years old, there are a couple of odd coincidences I’ve noticed.

The first is that a lot of LPers have cats. raocow has made numerous references to Gaston, his “big fat tabby.” DeceasedCrab has a meowing cat in a few of his videos. I haven’t watched a lot of DC, but what I’ve seen, he just says, “Be quiet, kitty!” Another LPer with a meowing cat is L0rdVega. During his Hitman LP, one of his cats decided she wanted to help with commentary. I’m sure there are many Let’s Players who have quiet cats that don’t bother them while they’re recording, but I know of a few outside of this list who also have at least one kitty. (I’m allergic, but when I lived with my mom, I lived with a few cats I have had since their birth — they’re probably around 15 now.)

The other strange thing I’ve noticed is the amount of LPers who are seriously into metal music. UltraJMan is one of the more vocal about his love for metal, since he plays in a metal band. I’ve met a bunch of other LPers who dig metal, everything from power to death to funeral doom. Hell, some of these people are even from Finland, a place where some of the scariest metal people come from, the ones who like actually kill and wear each other as necklaces.

So, if you’ve been thinking about starting out with making Let’s Plays, or have and don’t know how what to say to a fellow LPer, ask him about his cat or what he thinks of the new Candlemass CD. If nothing else, it’s better than that ever annoying question, “How are you?” and it might start an actual conversation!

CT3 Page Updated! May 13, 2009

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Hey, guys. I haven’t had much time to work on posting and all, but the semester just ended and I did a huge update to the CT3 page. I’ve finished playing the game, though it’s not all uploaded yet. The final boss is a cockdouche, so I’m glad that’s over with. The LP will be all uploaded within the next week and then it’ll be time to move on away from blind runs. Thanks everyone for being with me so far on this one. Hope you enjoy the end!